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While assessing the need for training as an important aspect of HR Planning for your organisation, it is tough to handle two possibilities.

1. We will train our employees and they may leave
2. We won’t train our employees and they may stay

Both are surely difficult situations to handle. But if we do a microscopic comparison of these two, we will realise that the first one can pose limited damage to any business plan if it is addressed with some smart thinking and proactive preparation.

However, the second one could prove to be painful and fast damaging for any business plan to fail in no time.

At MTCS, we will focus on building Training Strategy for you that will mitigate the risk of non-contributing employees and will considerably reduce the risk of unattached employees.

Our Training programmes are not just sessions. We structure them as a series of involvements for the participants to transform their thinking, change their mind-sets and in turn increase their productive contribution to everything they do every single time.

Training and development

Training and Development is an important organizational activity aimed at improving the performance of Individual Employees and Teams in the organizational settings.

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Training Development and psychological contract

'The Psychological Contract' is increasingly becoming relevant for the workplace relationships and for the wider human behavior. Descriptions of the Psychological Contract first emerged in the 1960s. The Psychological Contract is a profound and wide-ranging concept and is open to a wide variety of interpretations and theoretical studies.

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