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Test Center

While it is critical to consider the academics, the previous experience and appearance of a prospect as important aspects while hiring the best talent, it is also important to measure and assess his/her attitude and aptitude.

At MTCS we have developed tool to conduct psychometric assessments of your to be employed talent as well as to assess your existing talent.

We can measure attitude – through Psychometric Assessment tools specially designed by us for you.
We can measure aptitude – though out Aptitude Measurement tools available for you.

Aptitude Test

Choosing a career path isn’t easy. Many people have a natural talent to excel on one aspect of career and they end up choosing/landing in some other field/career. It neither works in their favour nor in the favour of other stakeholders.

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Psychometric Assessments

Employers oftenuse Psychometric assessments as part of their assessment procedures for theselection and development of staff. Research has shown that they are powerfulpredictors of performance at work.

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