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Talent Search

Hiring Talent? What a wonderful problem to have. It can only mean your organization is growing, which is terrific or that you’ve got an existing position you can now fill with an even bigger dose of talent than before.
You know from experience that hiring is about as hard to get right as it is critical to sell for your company’s success.
Fortunately, hiring is a discipline which improves with time and practice. Or put more precisely, we may say that hiring improves with time and practice if you deploy a very specific check-list.
The check-list itself is short. It contains two must have qualifications, five qualifications that are definitely-should-haves, and one very special quality that will add a star value to the employee.

Must Have Qualifications
Basic Intelligence

Definitely-should-have qualifications
Energize Others
Clarity in Decision Making
Ability to execute meticulously
Passion at work

Star Value Qualification
Sensitivity towards the growth, improvement, success of others too
Integrity and Basic Intelligence are bare minimum and you can never drop them from the list of your desired qualifications while hiring.
The next five are kind of definitely-should-haves which are necessary for consistent contribution from those whom you may hire.
The differentiator though will be someone who, in addition to his own personal and professional aspirations, will have the quality of being sensitive towards the growth, improvement and success of others too. He/she will be the person you must have in your team to strengthen your human capital.
Hiring is easy when you are clear and may appear to be really tough when you are confused…